2015 Bible Studies

Live Recording

Denise will be doing a live recording of the Reclaiming Your Heart Study in Franklin, TN | DATES TBD

Bible Study Tools


Bible Study Tools

Denise began leading Bible Studies over a decade ago. Challenging hearts to dig deeper into the Word, Denise has led such powerful studies as:

Storm Proof, a study of the Sermon on the Mount.
The Author, a study on faith.
Your Time is Now, a study on the life of Esther.
He Who Has Ears, a study of the Letters to the Churches in Revelation.
Living in the Pause, a study of the life of Joseph.
Courage to Lead, a study of the life of Joshua.
Along with her many VBS series and her Reclaiming Your Heart series.

Denise teaches through practical application and sharing of her own story, the power of God’s Word and how it applies to our everyday life.

For years Denise led Bible Studies only for women. But in the last few years, these studies have changed to include men as she and Philly share many of their own life experiences together. The next study announcement is coming soon!

“As a Christian, married couple of 37 years, we have had many opportunities to attend (Bible Study) classes. However, never have we experienced such raw moments of transparent honesty as we did in your Reclaiming your Heart study. Denise and Philly captured our attention and nourished our souls.”

Bible Study attendee Pam and Wes Barnes

“Reclaiming Your Heart was one of the most insightful studies I’ve attended in years! It prompted me to examine areas of my life I had long neglected, and helped me see things I hadn’t even known to look for. Because of this study, I’m a better husband, father and child of God.”

Bible Study attendee Brian Hicks