What if there was a word of promise someone you loved never accessed? Would you tell them?
God's Word is full of:
- Prophecies
- People + their stories
- Promises
As a believer, are you accessing the promises that are yours?
Lies are only overcome by the truth found in God’s Word.
- It's living & active.
- It's sharp & piercing.
- It's discerning.
Are we true students of the Word of God?
Accusation – it can come quick and often. Have you ever thought it has a source?
The enemy makes accusations against:
What accusation might you be taking in as truth?
Is it you alone who controls your words? Or could you actually have help?
The Holy Spirit refines.
The Holy Spirit purifies.
The Holy Spirit proves.
-How are we willing to let the Holy Spirit refine our belief in the Word and the impact of our words?
Are your words light enough to impact a dark world?
Jesus caused creation and He continues to hold it all together. - Do you truly know Jesus? - If you do, how are you a light in this ever-darkening world?
Can Your Words Actually Create?
God created with only His words. Because He created us in His image, we also have the power to create with ours. • What are you allowing ​to be created with your words?
If your words could start a fire, what kind would it be? Oh yes! This year is all about Words.
A new year means a new Monday Musing journey...let's take our first step on the path into the book of James to lay the foundation and set our direction for our walk this year deep into the forest of our words...