Reclaiming Hearts – Videos & Homework


Study Guide: Session 1 (Free Download)

Join us on the journey to Reclaim Your Heart, guarding it at all costs.


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The Performing Heart

Everyone has a little performer in them,

but what happens when our heart shuts down to that performance?


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The Disappointed Heart

 Study Guide: Session 3  (Free Download)

We all know hurts, but allowing them

to define the whole of our story

is a heartbreak above all others.


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The Controlling Heart

 Study Guide: Session 4  (Free Download)

What would you really do if you realized that control

is nothing more than an illusion?

It would give the phrase “control freak”

a whole new context, wouldn’t it?


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The Critical Heart

Study Guide: Session 5  (Free Download)

 What if we really discovered that death and life

are in the power of the tongue?

What would our next sentence be?


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The Shamed Heart

Study Guide: Session 6  (Free Download)

Sometimes we think our past is all we are and all we will ever be.

If so, then what was Jesus’ death really for?


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The Angry Heart

Study Guide: Session 7  (Free Download)

Words spew.

Doors slam.

Fists fly.

And hearts shut down.


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The Fearful Heart

Study Guide: Session 8  (Free Download)

We grew up fearing the monsters under the bed

or in the neighborhood. For many that fear

has become a way of life.


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The Weary Heart

Study Guide: Session 9  (Free Download)

Schedules. Dictating Bosses. Endless Car pools.

Countless Meetings. Emails.

Tweets. Facebook. Multiple disappointments.

When does it stop?

And what does it do to a heart?


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The Reclaimed Heart

Study Guide: Session 10  (Free Download)

When you’ve been shut down and come back to life,

you will never, ever go back there again.

Living free and alive is the way we were created to live.

Now, let’s live that way!


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