Have you wondered why your marriage isn’t working at least the way you want it to?

Or why you can’t get past that divorce that happened years ago?

Are you curious as to why the work you do never seems to bring you fulfillment?

Or why so many of your decisions are funneled through your fear or shame or disappointment?

Nothing in life moves past the state of our individual heart. Wherever we are stuck, everything else is stuck too: our relationships, our finances, even our vision.

Reclaiming Hearts exists to help people recognize what may have them stuck in patterns of performance or anger or shame or weariness. Whether your heart needs to be in ICU or just needs an annual check-up, our Weekend Experiences, Bible studies, ministries and books were created to help you do more than just survive this life, but to help you live the abundant life you were created for.

Your heart deserves the life it was created for.



And we believe it is worth it.


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Denise Hildreth Jones - Light Yellow Leather Jacket

Meet Denise

Denise knows what it is to be shut down and she knows what it is to fight for the value of her heart. That journey that brought her from disappointment and fear to living from an alive heart birthed Reclaiming Hearts Ministries that she now leads with her husband Philly.

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