Rebekah and Akilah.

AC and Madison.

These four girls (and their parents, of course), have chosen to trust us with their hearts this school year and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We kicked off our year back in August with some relaxing pottery painting followed by a simple lunch to fuel ourselves for some major laser tag action that afternoon.

The five of us, along with a few little 10-year-old boys, dominated the opposing team that was easily twice our size.

What can we say, we’re fierce. 

That day has set the tone for the way this school year has gone so far…it’s been fun, easy, and most importantly, a time of real growth…

We have been so incredibly impressed with how self aware these teenagers already are. I know I had no concept of how I operated in relation to those around me or wasn’t anywhere near able to offer the sort of insight these girls are offering regarding their own hearts and the heart of their heavenly Father.

The fact that they are as aware as they are means there’s such rich soil and opportunity for deep roots and beautiful growth in their self awareness, in their understanding of their identities in Christ, and in their disciplines to be grounded followers of Jesus.

We’ll be having our annual Christmas sleepover here soon at my place (say a prayer for me on the 14th if you think about it…??). I kid, I kid. I welcome the opportunity to host and love on a group of caffeinated, sugared up, crazy funny, Jesus-loving girls!

Until next time,

Trisha <3