The Architect & Me: Part #28 It Is Real

The ding announced a message. I looked down to see the beginning of a house. A real, live house. My new neighbor, who had come with her husband to introduce themselves when we had gone to see the foundation, lives across the cove and has the perfect view of our lot. She wanted to let […]

Denise’s Strawberry Anniversary Cake

Every spring Philly and I celebrate our anniversary. I don’t bake. No, seriously, I don’t bake. But a few years ago, in a pinch, because the lady who made our wedding cake couldn’t make our annual anniversary one I found my own recipe. It is so easy! For all you non-bakers I promise even you can […]

Maundy Thursday

It was their last supper together. Jesus and the twelve. This time together breaking bread was different. Jesus gets up right smack dab in the middle of the meal – Takes off his outer garments. Wraps a towel around His waist. Fills a basin with water. And begins to wash his disciple’s feet. Even the […]

Do It Afraid

If you look really close at this picture, you can see the fear in my eyes and the fear in my smile. Fear is a thief. I’ve known him a long time. At times I’ve allowed him to rummage through my chest of drawers taking some priceless items. Other times I’ve attacked him with vengeance […]

New Year’s Eve 2020

Sitting here with a cup of hot tea, on the last day before the Christmas tree comes down, I take a few minutes to ponder, as I do on this day each year, the ways God has been present, real, working… On some days it feels as if 2020 has mocked us. It came in […]

Can you still love me if I didn’t vote like you?

Can you still love me if I didn’t vote like you? That’s an elephant in the room question that will be hovering over our holiday meals, lingering inside our sanctuaries and meandering the halls of our office buildings (if you actually still go to yours) for a while. What has been shocking has been many […]

Moving In 

Unpacking boxes is like trying to chew edamame. It only seems to grow. When I finally got all of the boxes out of the bedroom, I realized I had simply put half of them in the hallway. There’s a different smell here. A mixture of fresh paint and strangers. Poor Sophie has sniffed every orifice […]

Moving Out

Moving… I walked up the stairs, past my bonus-son’s room and down the hall to my office. It had a different sound this morning. It echoed. As if hollow. It even smelled different. A mixture of cardboard and forgotten dust. Why? Because we are moving. There’s a piece of me that is so excited I’m […]

Saying Goodbye

This past Saturday my former husband passed away. I knew he had been sick, but you are never prepared for a moment like this. This moment, however, is layered with a depth of emotion and complexity that has been unsettling. I have been honest about the pains of divorce. I truly do not know how […]

Our Spring Forth Moment

Have you found yourself grateful that this virus struck in the spring? Can you imagine if we were in the dead of winter, kids and all stuck in the house? No grass to run through. No social distancing conversations on the back porch. No bikes to ride through the neighborhood. I heard New York was […]