The Architect & Me – Part 20: White Towels

It would be my very first home purchase and it was an answer to prayer. When you rent a VRBO or go to Watercolor they always have white towels. Because white towels are easy to clean, and you don’t have to figure out what towels go in what room, and you can just bleach those […]

The Architect & Me – Part 19: Choosing To…

You don’t know all you have forgotten until you remember. Walking into the Atlanta Design Center was as if I had unlocked a box that had been padlocked shut and out of it flew memory after memory that had me both repenting and thanking. Before I married my first husband and before he was in […]

The Architect & Me – Part 18: The Black Stove

I saw it in a picture in Southern Living and I was smitten. Just smitten. This beautiful black stove with steel and gold accents. Two large gold knobs to open the oven doors. Drawers beneath the doors accented with divine detail. It was like a piece of art or furniture. It’s made in France so […]

The Architect & Me – Part 17: Who Knew…

I know a few things for certain about this house. I want a sofa with a rich forest green velvet like mine at Cottonwood. I want this beautiful Brunschwig and Fils fabric in the kitchen. And I want a rich cream on the walls and kitchen cabinets. So, now that I have the plans in […]

The Architect & Me – Part 16: One Little Question

It was in the middle of the course “Finding Your Style” that one of Rita’s questions arrested me. “Think back to your childhood home. What items or things did you love about that home?” I paused the video and sat in that question. Immediately a home came to mind but it wasn’t one of my […]

The Architect & Me – Part 15: One Bite at a Time

My phone listens to me. Even though I thought for sure I had cut off every possible way for it to happen. Either that or it is reading my thoughts. Honestly, I wouldn’t put that past it either. Because up pops on my Instagram feed Create Academy. I’d never seen this before so I investigated […]

The Architect & Me – Part 14: A Little White Binder

Packer’s first suggestion was a game changer when she saw me pull all of the loose pictures torn from years of magazine pages out of my “Home Vision Filing Box.” I sprawled them across the kitchen counter the way I tend to sprawl clothes in my drawer and floor of my closet. The way I […]

The Architect & Me – Part 13: God of the Details

I’m not sure the first time the revelation struck and the phrase was coined. I think it was right after my divorce. Everything about God seemed to be operating on a technicolor spectrum. Magnified. Vibrant. Real. Divorce is not a scalpel cut. Divorce is a chainsaw maiming. So, I had prayed what I had learned […]

The Architect & Me – Part 12: When It Makes No Sense

There have been a few times in life God has asked me to do things that in the natural made no sense. Only to discover, crazy enough, the Maker of heaven and earth knew what He was doing. The first, when He asked me to walk away from a three-book publishing contract, when I first […]

The Architect & Me – Part 11: My Birthing Coach

I think the two greatest gifts life holds are watching life enter the world, and watching a precious saint of God leave the world. I’ve had the privilege to do both, twice. But I must say watching a baby enter, arms flailing, swollen-eyed, red-skinned, and then wailing is the most holy thing I’ve ever seen. […]