The Architect & Me: Part #33 – Cabinets, Colors and Reclaiming

One of the most painful moments in my life took place in a kitchen. It was the kitchen in my first home of my first marriage. I sat on the floor, pots around me as I tried to place them in the cabinet, while tears came out in bursts and fits. I was newly married. […]

The Architect & Me: Part #32 – Let There Be Light

I heard someone once say, “Lighting in a home is like jewelry on a woman.” It could not be more true. You could make it bold or brash. Glitzy or blingy. Subtle or simple. The options were endless. The very first light fixtures I purchased were for our gallery. I had known from the moment […]

The Architect & Me: Part #31 – Inside The Walls

You know those moments in life when you envision something and in your mind it is so beautiful, holy even. Then the moment arrives, and it looks nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, like you envisioned? This was one of those moments. I had so looked forward to this day. In my mind it was going […]

The Architect & Me: Part #30 – Over My Head

Philly’s list of items that matter to him has increased. What had initially only been the flooring now included the driveway and the roof. I had a feeling more would follow. Yet, the most pressing decision now to keep the house moving forward was the roof. The plywood covering was down. The synthetic underlayment was […]

The Architect & Me – Part 29: The Table

She looked at me with these caramel colored eyes. She had studied me from the time I had walked through the door. Kept her distance differently than the others. Now, here I sat across this strange table from her while I was trying to chew a piece of edamame because I thought it was sugar […]

The Architect & Me: Part #28 It Is Real

The ding announced a message. I looked down to see the beginning of a house. A real, live house. My new neighbor, who had come with her husband to introduce themselves when we had gone to see the foundation, lives across the cove and has the perfect view of our lot. She wanted to let […]

The Architect & Me – Part 26: Foundation

When the image opened it took my breath slightly. Living hours away from where we are building, there’s a certain sadness in not getting to see the progress every day. (A builder’s dream, I’m sure.) So, our builder sends us pictures. Today the email was labeled “progress.” My heart rate increased. I pressed “download” and […]

The Architect & Me – Part 25: The Willow Tree

The first piece of dirt had been moved. It was a Southern Georgia January. But our lot is on the point, so the chill was a little biting. My pulse began to quicken as we got closer. As you pull onto our street, our lot is at the end of the cul-de-sac, out on the […]

The Architect & Me – Part 24: Bathrooms

You wouldn’t think a bathroom would be so stressful. To date, even though not one speck of soil has been moved on our lot, nothing has stressed me out more than the bathrooms. When building a house, you have to think from the inside out. You don’t start with the paint color (though in full […]