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Last Monday of the Year
A new year comes with new opportunities. And I encourage you, as we enter 2017 in just a few days, to be intentional to take the opportunity to move toward deeper surrender of your heart to...
Advent – 4
I don't know about you, but I still have a lot to do over the next six days to get ready for Christmas...but I invite you to pause with me as we begin this fourth week of Advent to reflect...
Advent 3
You may be wondering if God could even be present in the season you're facing, friend. I'm here to tell you with complete confidence that I know for sure that He is and here is how I know...
Advent 2 revised
God never planned anyone to be separated from Him, now or ever.​ In this 2nd week of Advent, there is a comfort in knowing our God is patient towards us so that not one will miss His guarantee...
Celebrating Jesus’ arrival by the Hope of His Coming!
The word Advent means, "An arrival of a notable person, thing or event." It also means, "the second coming of Christ." During this holiday season, we celebrate the day that defines our very...
A Note of Thanksgiving
Something about this season creates an awareness of gratitude different than others. So I just wanted to have a moment with you this Monday to share my gratitude for you. Praying the Lord's...
Chasing an Experience or Chasing Jesus?
Our hearts crave satisfaction. Know today that true, genuine satisfaction can only come from one source.
The Power of Praise
Friends, ​the war over our heart is never-ending. But as children of the most high God, we have ​one of ​the most invaluable, and probably least expected, weapons ​for every battle...
His thoughts are not our thoughts.
Is there something going on in your heart right now that you are trying to figure out with your own thoughts? Wouldn't it be a comfort to know that we have a God who isn't limited to human...