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Merry Christmas — Could It Be That Your Story Is So Much Bigger Than You?
Well, friends, it's our last Monday together of 2017...and we wrap up the book of Genesis with a beautiful promise from God that has been woven in every detail of our story since the beginning...
Is Your Vindication Moment Waiting On You To No Longer Need Vindication?
Twenty-two years of Joseph's story have passed and it's finally time for everything to come full circle. He was perfectly positioned to pay his brothers back for the evil things they did to...
What Have You Allowed God To Do In You During Your Greatest Season of Suffering?
One of my favorite pieces of Joseph's story is what we get to see this week, a glimpse into his heart through the names of his first two sons and what they even mean for us today.
Are You Convinced You’ve Been Forgotten?
Have You Let Your Pain Rename You?
How tempting it may be at times, friends, to redefine ourselves based on our pain or circumstances. But as we look at one small verse in Genesis 40 this week, we see the beauty of holding onto...
Can You See Others’ Pain in the Middle of Your Own?
Oh how easy it would have been for Joseph to be consumed in the pain and heartache of his own story...that's always the easy option. But we see this week ​the character of a man who while...
Would You Rather Be in a Prison With God Or in a Palace Without Him?
Have you ever been falsely accused? ​Joseph was, too. However, ​​the accusations against Joseph this week may have a more severe consequence tha​n​ ​you or I have ever dealt with​...
What Does Resisting the Devil Really Look Like, Especially When He Is Relentless?
Even though the setting changes, the persistent lie of the enemy stays the same. Let's look this week at how Joseph chooses to respond to it and how that should look for us in our own stories...
What is the Price of Favor?
So what if your picture, your story, isn't looking the way you thought it would? Let's talk this week about 5 things scripture says God does for us when we are faithful to Him even when we...