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Let not your heart be troubled…Jesus is preparing your home.
We close out the year with my second favorite words in the Bible...I also extend an invitation that I do hope you will accept, if you haven't already...
The Prince of Peace has come into the chaos of your story.
This Christmas Eve, our next to last week in this year on words, let's take a few minutes to sit with the word of the Lord through Isaiah about the coming Messiah ...
He knows you by name…no matter what you’re walking through.
What are you doing with Jesus’ last words?
We know Jesus' last words to His disciples as The Great Commission -- but have you ever thought about them like this before?
Holidays highlight brokenness but nothing is impossible with God.
As we come to the close of our study on words, I wanted to end with the powerful promises God's words have given to our hearts.
What word has the answer for the direction you need?
Our words aren't the only words we're talking about this year...
What does your Thanksgiving holiday need most?
Accept an invitation into the holy this week, friend...
What do you do when you are praised?
Few things reveal as much about us as what we do when we are praised. Here are two new perspectives -- and what to do with both.
What delivers us from fear?
One simple thing relieves us of our heaviness -- and it has even more power when we do it together as the body of Christ.