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The Old Is Going, but Did the New Come?
As we close out this most monumental year let’s take a few moments to make sure we aren’t leaving it like we entered it.
The Lukewarm Church
We’ve heard of this church many times. The one Jesus couldn’t tolerate. The one He wanted to throw up. Wow! That’s serious coming from Jesus, but it is also reflective of the church of the final age before He returns. This one. The one we live in now. In this final church, The Church of Laodicea, Jesus calls them The Lukewarm Church. Neither hot nor cold, He’d rather have one or the other. As we head into the week of Christmas, when we celebrate the greatest gift that deserves hearts that are on fire, let’s ask Jesus if there is any place in our life that needs to be ignited. The gift of His life deserves that kind of love.
The Faithful Church
What could be more beautiful than Jesus calling you faithful? One church, The Church of Philadelphia, was a standout in its faithfulness. So much so that Jesus didn’t have one word of correction for it. How can we live like this church?
The Dead Church
In the fifth letter to the church, Jesus addresses The Church of Sardis, whom he called The Dead Church. How sad to have been once alive and then have Jesus look at us and call us dead; especially when the enemy is standing at the gate. There is no greater time for us to be alert and watching than this today! We cannot afford to be dead! Why? Because there is a book of life that awaits us in eternity where our names are written.
The Corrupt Church
In this 4th letter to the churches in the book of Revelation Jesus addresses those who have allowed a Jezebel spirit to enter their midst. This spirit worshipped the god of Baal whose anger could only be satisfied by the shedding of the blood of children. We shed the blood of children today literally. But we also have allowed a Jezebel spirit to seduce us into offering the hearts of our children up as well when we get too comfortable with this world here, because we often forget that our children are watching every decision we make to align our hearts with the “gods” of this world. When we plant roots here and allow the ways of culture to dictate the ways of our lives instead of our lives being surrendered to Jesus our children lose every time. Sometimes tough things need to be talked about. This is one of those tough things.
The Compromising Church
Jesus called, The Church of Pergamum, The Compromising Church. This church had held to its faith but allowed places of compromise to get in without getting rid of them quickly. Let’s listen together at Jesus’ words to them and to us today because compromise removes God’s best from us and that is not what He desires for us. And in this day and age when compromise is just as prevalent in the church and the world it is even more vital that we stand guard.
The Persecuted Church
In the second letter to the Church of Smyrna – known as “The Persecuted Church” we have some insight into how Jesus sees it. Though the church in America still knows nothing of persecution like other countries, we are experiencing it in a greater way than we ever have before.
The Loveless Church
If ever there was a season for us to be living as lovers of Christ it is today. We need a love that acts both extreme and serious. In the first letter to the churches in the book of Revelation, Jesus gives John a letter to take to the church of Ephesus. They have forgotten this first love. He calls them back to it through repentance. Ask God what He is speaking to your heart through this message today. Then consider who you know that needs to hear it and pass it along.
My Tsunami Dream
Before COVID shut down our nation the Lord gave me a dream about a Tsunami. I have prayed about what He was speaking to me. Today I wanted to share that with you.