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The Battle for Your Child’s Heart
No heart is being waged war against more than the hearts of our children. We hold some powerful tools to guard and protect these hearts that have been entrusted to us.
The Battle for Your Marriage
Marriages are under continual assault. The heartbreak is when we begin to be a part of the assault on our own marriages. May this message give us some perspective on how the enemy attacks one of the greatest gifts God has given.
The Battle for the Heart of a Woman
Women are often referred to as messy and emotional. When in fact, we are perfectly designed. A woman's battle is different from a man's. Let's talk about it on this Monday morning.
The Battle for the Heart of a Man
Culture has often demeaned and belittled even to the point of mocking men. A man's heart lives in a real war zone. But men, rest assured you were created for the position God has placed you.
The Battle for Your Heart
It's a Monday. Are you facing it with dread? Even though your heart lives in a war zone you can face even a Monday feeling fully alive!
Your Braveheart Moment
William Wallace in “Braveheart” was created for the moment he was living. You are, too. This is your Braveheart moment!
Are You Using Your Authority?
Jesus told His disciples that He was giving them His authority. That means you and I have that authority as well. The question is, are we using what we have been given?
Identity Crisis?
Our world is having an identity crisis, yet it seems we are looking to everything other than who created us to define us. We will never walk in our God-given authority until we know our God-given identity. That's why today's musing is so important.
Do You Know You Have Authority?
As followers of Christ Jesus left us real authority. Authority to live our lives offensively instead of defensively. Let's spend some time realizing how we got such a privilege in this life.