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Have You Ever Fully Died?
Are you wondering why you aren’t living that abundant life God has designed for you? Or why your life isn’t reproducing fruit? There is a principle and power found in dying that we often don’t like to talk about. But what we miss is that it is in the dying where real living is found.
Miracle Mercies
One of the reasons I do what I do is because it is hard to keep quiet all that God has redeemed, restored, and reclaimed in the pain that is my story. And some days it is powerful for us to stop and remember exactly what He brought us from and how He has set us free...
Praying Instead of Tweeting
What would happen In our world, nation, churches and homes if we spent as much time praying as we do on social media? Prayer is where nations are transformed, pandemics are stopped, heart transformation occurs. We need revival. Prayer is how revival happens.
Are You Afraid of the Holy Spirit?
For many of us the mere mention of the word "Holy Spirit" scares us. But what are we forfeiting when we don't access this beautiful gift living on the inside of us? What a holy privilege to have God, in spirit form living on the inside of us accessible at anytime. Yet, for many of us, we don't understand him, let alone access all that he affords. Let's discuss this morning, this indescribable gift we've been given to partner with us in the messiness that is this life.
God Knows How to Get the Best Out of You. Really….
Ever wondered why your circumstances could look so different from someone else's. Why they struggle, and you don't? Why you toil, and yet everything they do seems to come easy and without challenge? First, we all have seasons of struggle, and we all have seasons of ease. The power is in realizing that no matter what season we are in, God honestly does know how to get the best out of us if we embrace where we are and allow Him to do what He desires to do.
Are You Living in a Divine Interruption?
Never before have our lives been so completely interrupted. But what if the interruption had a divine purpose? Would you see it differently? Engage it differently? Be more curious than complaining? Jesus worked miracles often during interruptions. Could He possibly long to do one in yours?
How Weary Are You?
Some of us haven't felt this weary in a long time. We came into Covid weary. And now, well now, we can't seem to find the energy to put one foot in front of the other. But this is not our inheritance. So, what might be at the real root of your weariness?
Do You Feel Like You’re Living in the Inbetween?
Sometimes we can feel stuck in the "in-between". But often it is the "in-between" moments in life that equip us for the promised places in our life. Because it takes a great deal of maturity to handle our promised lands. So, what if instead of cursing the "in-between" you used it as the preparation ground to be ready when your promise arrives.
Why are you alive now? Here?
Why are you alive now? Here? Could it really be ordained that you were born when you were? Live where you do? Could it be that God has a specific plan right where you are planted? It's a question worth asking in this unprecedented moment of time.