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12 Baskets Left Over
Whatever you may be facing right now really is too much for you alone to handle -- and here's why that's actually a good thing...
Do We Trust God Enough to Give?
There are ultimately two things at the root of our issue with the preacher asking for our money -- and one of them is not the preacher himself.
The Danger of Double Mindedness
My, what a relevant and powerful truth we can learn from even Israel's most evil king...
The Heart of Our Nation
We are all aware of what trying times we live in. Let's look at what the Word of God says about some of the biggest issues facing our nation today.
Oh how as a bride You loved me.
Are you familiar with the difference between a 'bride' and a 'wife'? You might be surprised by what you discover in this week's musing...
Let’s talk about marriage.
Believing this one lie of the enemy could be affecting the health and quality of your marriage. Join me as we discuss what this lie is and how to restore rightful, God ordained order back into...
What I AM is to me
I wanted to share a little of my own story this week as I sum up our last eight weeks together talking about the "I Am" statements of Jesus. I want you to know what Jesus has been to me. And...
I AM the Vine
Did you know that we can do nothing without Christ? Some of us might argue with that statement as soon as we read it. But not agreeing with it doesn't make it any less true. Jesus said, "Apart...
I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life #7
Do you ever feel lost? Confused? Dead Inside? We've all felt these at some moment in our lives, if not multiple. But in this seventh "I Am" statement of Christ, Jesus makes it clear that we...