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What Will You Do When God’s Path Looks Different Than Your Plan?
We know what Joseph's picture for his life looked like. But we see this week that God's picture looked very different -- and we learn a beautiful truth that can be found even when our stories...
Do We Truly Know Where Jealousy Can Lead?
It led Joseph's brothers to plan his death and then sit down to have dinner... Jealousy and envy are only the beginning of a dangerously slippery slope. May we recognize them in our hearts...
Is There a Right Time to Share Your Dreams?
We've talked before about how God can speak to us through our dreams. This week, we learn a few things we need to take into account when it comes to sharing our dreams with others -- things...
Are You Prudent or Simple?
As we flip a few pages back in Genesis this week to the beginning of Joseph's story, we see the first stirrings of conditions for a perfect storm of suffering -- and what could have been done...
Did you know what man means for evil, God can use for good?
Starting at the end of a story is just not something I do. But today, as we prepare to enter into Joseph's story as our next stop on this journey through Genesis, starting at the end is actually...
What Is Living Out Your Promise Worth?
It's time for Jacob to move. Here are two things I've learned that I need to do when the Lord is calling me, moving me into a new season...
What Does the Enemy Think About Your Transformation?
Jacob's destiny was solidified upon his surrender. When we come to a place of surrender, the enemy will do anything to stop, steal, and thwart our destinies -- like we see played out in our...
What Creates the Atmosphere for Restored Relationships?
Jacob's brother, Esau, was ready to kill him for all the pain he had caused through his lies and deceit. Well, we witness their reunion this week...and we learn the one thing that affected...
Do You Know What God Can Do With Your Desperation?
In Genesis 32 this week, we encounter what I believe is the most exciting moment in Jacob's story -- and it's all because of his desperation for change...