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What are your words first thing in the morning?
Let's revisit the "first fruits" principle that we introduced last year; this time, we see how it impacts our daily lives in an incredibly practical and powerful way.
Who do you speak up for?
There is a time and a place -- and a way -- to come to the defense of others. Here's how to determine what that looks like, because we all have opportunities to ...
Let’s talk about lying.
There is comfort in what God says regarding lies propagated against us and correction if we're not speaking truth.
Would people say you’re a good secret keeper?
Being trusted with someone's story is a holy privilege that should be guarded. Here's why.
What God does at the sound of your cry.
Ever wondered if God really hears you? Here is how I know that He does...
Are you a good question asker?
It's amazing what clarity can come from a curious spirit.
Having an answer before the question’s even finished
There's a difference between listening and hearing.
Would someone call you gentle and gracious?
These 4 characteristics of gracious words are what we should be seeking to reflect daily.
What’s better? A dry piece of bread? Or a feast? You might be surprised by the answer.
I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the reason someone I love can't enjoy the's why that happens and how to prevent it.