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Your Braveheart Moment
William Wallace in “Braveheart” was created for the moment he was living. You are, too. This is your Braveheart moment!
Are You Using Your Authority?
Jesus told His disciples that He was giving them His authority. That means you and I have that authority as well. The question is, are we using what we have been given?
Identity Crisis?
Our world is having an identity crisis, yet it seems we are looking to everything other than who created us to define us. We will never walk in our God-given authority until we know our God-given identity. That's why today's musing is so important.
Do You Know You Have Authority?
As followers of Christ Jesus left us real authority. Authority to live our lives offensively instead of defensively. Let's spend some time realizing how we got such a privilege in this life.
The Privilege of Prayer
For almost two thousand years only one person could enter the presence of God to pray, but Jesus’ death gives you and I access at any time, anywhere, and with any request. Yet, how often do we ponder the extravagant privilege of prayer?
Can We Really Pray About Everything?
The mere thought that we can pray at all times seems impossible. Yet, what if our whispers, our thoughts, our hopes, became prayers? It might not be as hard as we think.
Destroying the Fortress in You
We are living in a moment in time where we have become masters at pointing out splinters in others while ignoring the logs in us. What stronghold might your heart need to pay attention to?
Defeating that Battle in Your Mind.
Every battle we will face will start in our mind first. So, how do we protect our minds from that thought that can become an action and ultimately a belief? That’s what we are talking about on this Monday morning.
Quench that Dart!
Roman soldiers were accustomed to arrows of fire. They knew how to battle them. It was all in how they used their shield. It might hold something for us in the fiery darts we face.