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How Do You War for the Hearts of Your Children?
It has become even more clear that the hearts of our children are in a war zone from the womb to the college dorm room and everywhere in between. No greater responsibility exists in this life as a parent than raising our children. If 2020 did anything, it gave us more time as families and allowed us to realize that ultimately the people responsible for the stewardship of their hearts are their parents. How are you warring for the heart of your child in a world that is battling for them relentlessly?
Your Heart Lives in a War Zone. What Weapons Are You Using for Your War?
Even with a new year there are a lot of battles raging right now. But, you and I as followers of Christ are given some powerful weapons. We do not live in a day and age where we can afford to leave any of our weapons of spiritual warfare on the table. So, we need to be fully awake, fully watching and fully armored for the battles that we face!
Do You Even Know What the Enemy Is Stealing From You?
No one ever begins a lifestyle of sin by jumping right in. Usually, it happens increment by increment. A poor decision here, a dangerous decision there. Until eventually what was just a moment of the enemy trying to steal from us becomes a place of real destruction in our lives. This picture of the strategy of the enemy is real. However, it doesn’t have to be the end of any of our stories. Why? But God…But God came so we could have life, and not just a little life, but a super-abundant life. We get to choose. But first, we need to recognize how the enemy is actually stealing from us.
Are You Aware of the Angels All Around?
Over and over scripture reveals how involved angels are in this cosmic battle that we live. They battle for us. Minister to us and sometimes we even entertain them unaware. Yet, we rarely talk about them. Let’s take a few minutes to ponder how real and present they are in the workings of even our everyday lives.
Do You Even Know the Cosmic Battle in Which You Live?
One of the greatest deceptions the enemy has gotten our hearts to believe is that we are natural beings living in some spiritual world. But, that is the complete opposite of what is true. Believers in Jesus are spiritual beings living in a natural world, yet because we don’t live this way we often fail to realize the demonic assignments that have been set against us. But, worse than that we don’t realize the power that we have to defeat the demonic assignments coming our way. God has no equal! So, that situation in your life where the enemy is trying to take you under has to bow its knee to the authority that God has given you!
Just in Case You Forgot, You Are a Conqueror!
Often, we forget that every single promise in the Bible is ours. As a follower of Christ, we hold possession to those promises. And one of those promises is that we are conquerors over all the things that come into our life that battle for our peace, our hearts, our minds and our joy. The only way these things are allowed to be stolen is if we hand them over. So, just in case you forgot through all the challenges that were 2020, let me start this year by reminding you, you are a Conqueror!
Recalibrating as We Begin a New Year
As we step into this beginning of a New Year it feels like much of 2020 is still going with us. But what if we offered up the first of our year in a new way to recalibrate our hearts. To slough off the old so we can hear the voice of the Lord for what’s to come. Maybe you need to renew your first love. Maybe you need to renew your mind. Maybe you need to renew your heart. There is no better time than the beginning of a new year.
The Old Is Going, but Did the New Come?
As we close out this most monumental year let’s take a few moments to make sure we aren’t leaving it like we entered it.
The Lukewarm Church
We’ve heard of this church many times. The one Jesus couldn’t tolerate. The one He wanted to throw up. Wow! That’s serious coming from Jesus, but it is also reflective of the church of the final age before He returns. This one. The one we live in now. In this final church, The Church of Laodicea, Jesus calls them The Lukewarm Church. Neither hot nor cold, He’d rather have one or the other. As we head into the week of Christmas, when we celebrate the greatest gift that deserves hearts that are on fire, let’s ask Jesus if there is any place in our life that needs to be ignited. The gift of His life deserves that kind of love.