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I AM the Resurrection and the Life
I find myself thinking about heaven, my home, these days. Not sure why. But my longing for heaven seems to have grown more and more. Yet without this "I Am" character trait of Jesus, no one...
I AM the Good Shepherd #5
I have a couple friends who are directionally challenged. If it weren't for Google Maps, poor things would spend half their lives driving around in circles. One of the things I love most about...
I AM the Door #4
One of my favorite doors to walk through is the one at my parent's house. I know everything about that place. (Well, for a while until mom or dad move something around!) No other door I will...
I AM the Light of the World
When we walked into the strip clubs of our city this past week the darkness was evident in both the natural and the spiritual. But as we sat those backpacks full of school supplies down in...
I AM the Bread of Life
Have you ever been heart hungry? A hunger in your deepest parts that relationships or food or entertainment or addiction can't fill? When Jesus described Himself to the people of His day as...
I AM that I AM
How often do you truly take stock of what your heart needs? Rest, peace, joy, courage, power, authority, provision...? Do you know that God's name, in that one name encompasses ALL that you...
Finding God in the Desert
Have you felt like your in a desert season? Could it be that God has allowed you to walk there so He can speak to you? Sometimes things have to get really quiet and our hearts really desperate...
A Faith That Endures
It is evident that persecution of followers of Christ is intensifying. So it makes the question Jesus asked, "When I come back, will I find faith on the earth?" even more revealing. We do not...
When God Pricks Our Pride
Have you like me ever wondered how many times we have missed something God wanted to do in our lives or hearts because we didn't like what He was asking? Maybe He wanted to heal a relationship...