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Can You Fall Farther Than God’s Grace Can Reach?
You may find yourself asking, "How can I come back to the heart of the Lord again?" Well, we've seen all the times Jacob has strayed -- and he shows us this week how simple it is to turn our...
Are You Reaping What You’ve Sown?
This week we see the trickster, Jacob, get tricked...but there's one thing he could have done to allow God to bring His blessing back onto his life. May this serve as a reminder to us today,...
Can God Speak to You in Your Dreams?
Friends, I firmly believe that God still speaks to us through our dreams sometimes -- just like He did to Jacob as we read in Genesis 28 this week. Here are two indicators to help determine...
What Are You Looking For in a Spouse?
Now it's time for Isaac's boys to choose wives. The reason why he tells Jacob not to take a wife from his own people is the same foundational thing I want all my friends who find themselves...
What Will You Do With Your Anger?
He gave up his birthright. He lost his blessing from his father. Now, Esau is going to seek revenge on his brother, Jacob. We may not go to the extremes he was planning to, but a similar spirit...
Are You Really My Son?
Oh what a scary and dangerous thing deception is, friends. Just look this week at what pain it caused in this next piece of Isaac's story. But, Praise God, there's still good that comes of it...
What Happens When Your Well Holds No Water?
I come to you with exceptional vulnerability this week, friend. Just as Isaac dug up the wells of water the Philistines had filled after Abraham's time, I firmly believe it's time for us to...
Do You Think It Has to Be Spiritual to Be Holy?
What if I told you it's actually NOT selfish to do things that you enjoy -- there's no reason to feel guilty for doing them. In fact, they might actually be what your heart needs most to connect...
What Do You Do When the Picture Looks Different?
Israelite tradition has always included clear directives for the roles + responsibilities that are determined by birth order. But God shook things up in the next generation whose story we enter...