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Where would a man rather live than with a wife who likes to argue?
No one really wants to nag. Here's how to maybe take a different approach next time you ask your spouse to take care of something.
Crazy always reveals itself — and so does a fool.
There's really only one thing to do when met with someone who doesn't know how to keep their mouth shut.
Should You Reason With A Fool?
The Bible has some pretty clear -- and strong -- directives when it comes to engaging in conversations with a scoffing, mocking spirit.
What does a fool forfeit?
There are 4 things we give up when we choose to live and speak foolishly. Thankfully, we always have the freedom to choose wisdom!
Let’s talk about wisdom and fools.
We wouldn't really willingly deny wisdom, would we? That would just be foolish... Here's where wisdom comes from and how to get it.
How do I talk to my friend who is walking in sin?
Since correction is more valuable inside of relationship, the Bible offers us 3 clear steps to take when we see a brother or sister in Christ living in a sin pattern.
Faithful are the wounds of a friend. Really?
We can find ourselves in one of 3 places regarding such a touchy subject as correction. How do you offer...and
Why are your plans failing?
When we swallow our pride and do this one, simple thing, God promises to make our plans succeed -- because that's when our plans become His plans.
Do you really want to be the smartest person in the room?
Three verses in Proverbs give us three powerful reasons to not only accept wise counsel from others but to also seek it out.