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Are You Using All of Your Arsenal?
What if you got to heaven and realized you had an arsenal against the enemy of your heart and never used it? You don't have to. Let's learn how.
Do You Know the Might of Your God?
He parted seas. Closed lion’s mouths. Raised the dead. What might He want to do for you?
Open That Mouth!
Did you know the number 20 in Hebrew means “Mouth?” So when we entered 2020, we entered a decade prophetically about our mouth. Yet, so much in the natural has tried to close our mouths. That is no accident. It’s time to open them! Let’s talk about how on today's Monday Musing.
Do You Know the Power of Praying Scripture?
Scripture holds more power than we often realize. One of its greatest powers is that it increases our faith. And when faith meets the word powerful things happen! Let’s look at it together, on this Monday morning.
Whose Move? Fear or Faith?
It should be no surprise that a world that doesn’t know Jesus would be moved by fear. But shouldn’t the follower of Christ live differently? So, where is your expectation today? Are you expecting collapse? Hardship? Or are you expecting to see God do mighty things? It might do us all good to stop for a moment on this Monday morning and take a look at who or what we are expecting to make the next move. And if you know someone struggling with fear right now, this might encourage their heart today.
Why Did God Make You So Intricately?
I don’t know about you, but often times when I’m reading the Bible I wonder, “Why did you put so much detail in here?” But I think there is something powerful to discover today in those passages we often skip over.
Fanaticism or Zeal?
Have you noticed how many labels are flying around lately? It seems if we can label something a name we don’t like then we can discard them. Christians have been labeled with many different names through the years. Maybe you’ve labeled Christians a time or two yourself. What if instead of labeling people so we can cancel them, we got curious about them? Listen today, and maybe you’ll discover something about Christians you hadn’t thought of.
But is Evil Really Winning
Somedays scrolling through Facebook or watching the morning news can convince your heart that darkness has taken over. The death. The division. The disease. But there is a much different way to look at what is happening in these times we are living. Let’s talk about it together, on this Monday morning. And if you know someone else who needs this encouragement, feel free to share.
Who Knew Skipping a Meal Could do so Much?
When is the last time you’ve heard a message on fasting? Many of us have never heard one. However, there is so much to be encountered with Jesus. That is why, I believe, the enemy keeps so many people in the dark about this powerful weapon.