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What is Lost in Unforgiveness
Been wounded? Disappointed? Lied about? Betrayed? Forgotten? Accused? Left out? These pains can cut us to our core. But of far more danger to our hearts is holding on to the pain that they...
The Power of Our Thoughts
How often do we stop to consider that we actually have the power to choose where we will let our thoughts dwell? I'm not saying we can dictate what passes through our minds, but we do have...
Peculiar is a Good Thing!
How often do you feel like you are the odd one in the room? The peculiar one. Often the normal reaction in a situation like that is to desperately try to blend in somehow, someway. But we were...
Reaching the Next Generation
Join Denise as she talks about our responsibility to "always be reaching the generation coming after us." Encouraging each of us to ask ourselves the question, "God what am I doing to impact...
The Lord’s Promises Prove True
Join Denise as she talks about the power of God's promise. Abraham had every reason to give up hope. But God had given him a promise. And when everything screamed "NO HOPE", God's promises...
The Privilege and Power of Fasting
In this Monday Musing Denise talks about the history of fasting in our nation as we celebrate this week the National Day of Prayer. Fasting is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of the believer....
The God of the Nations
In this season where it seems our nation is in such turmoil and conflict, it is a comfort to know that God is bigger and sovereign in the middle of it all. When we put our heart and trust in...
Power of Words
Monday Musing Devotional on the Power of our Words.
Restoration of Awe
This video is about 1-4-16.