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What if you had the right answer at the right time?
Sharing words is a two way street: giving + receiving. There can be beautiful benefits to both when we're sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Are you a ponderer or a spewer?
There is more hope for a fool, the Word says, than for the type of person we're talking about this week. Here's why we've got to give the Holy Spirit room to ...
Would you thrust a sword in the heart of someone you love?
It's easy to respond to anger with anger. Wisely choosing to respond otherwise, though, can have an effect and impact deeper than you'll ever know.
Do you know what your angry words actually produce?
There's more to our angry words than what's on the surface. Let's talk about what that root cause could be and how to address it.
Do you have a “holy pause” button?
What if we could stop our words before they flew? There is a way...
Use it or lose it.
Need more of the fruit of self control in your life? Here are 2 ways to cultivate it and why it's so important.
If Facebook had a “Think Twice” button…
Friends, time is of the essence. How are you making use of your time? Are you redeeming it with the quality of your words or are you wasting it with words that don't reflect the heart of your...
Worthless words at the wrong time…
Ephesians gives us 3 characteristics we should always make sure our words have. How do yours measure up?
Let’s talk about a scary, yet very real, danger this week…what it looks like to open the door to deception in our marriages — and also how to slam it shut.
The enemy only wants us to notice the sweet stuff and keep us blind to the bitter damage we can cause. -Have you allowed a wrong voice to enter into your story? -Will you get honest with someone who offers a voice of truth into your life?