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Lesson One – A Shut Down Heart

Life comes at us hard. Before we know it we’ve allowed parts of our heart to be swallowed whole by our fear or our anger or our disappointments. This lesson sets the stage for how this happens and what it looks like.

Lesson Two – The Performing Heart

We all like people to see the best in us. But when we believe the lie that “God hasn’t made me enough” we look for ways that we can be enough, which ultimately will hide our God design.

Lesson Three – The Disappointed Heart

Disappointments are life’s common denominator. They level the playing ground and can often level our hearts too. The lie is “God isn’t for me.” If believed, this lie can swallow us whole.

Lesson Four – The Controlling Heart and The Critical Heart

These two hearts damage relationships in exceptional ways and both are such fear-based ways to live. Discover the lies they believe and the God who heals.

Lesson Five – The Shamed Heart and the Angry Heart

Much is missed with these two hearts. They rob us from the present and keep us wrapped up as if living in a fog. But when broken free from these, the life that awaits is truly breathtaking.

Lesson Six – The Weary Heart

Culture tells us “You need to do more!” Sometimes we even hear that message in church while others of us grew up hearing that in our homes. This message often cultivates the lie that “God needs me.” But it is just that. A lie. God has not nor will He ever need us. But oh how He delights in partnering with us.

Lesson Seven – The Fearful Heart

Each of these hearts could find its root in this one. Fear is a terrorist, a thief, and a lie. The lie believed with this heart is that “God can’t be trusted.” Yet, six-thousand millennials have more than revealed to our hearts the extravagant faithfulness of God.

Lesson Eight – Living with a Reclaimed Heart

We have been invited into the abundant life that John 10:10 has promised. As we end our journey together, we will consider some additional ways to not miss what is afforded to us in this life… now.

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