New Reclaiming Your Heart Participant Guide


The Participant Guide to be used in conjunction with the Reclaiming Your Heart book and/or DVD Study. This will allow you to dig into the truths offered in a deeper way for group or personal study.

This is the Revised and Updated Version of the former Reclaiming Your Heart: A Journey Back to Laughing, Loving and Living. I taught a lesson years ago called “When a Heart Shuts Down”. After I taught it I said, “If I could only teach one lesson for the rest of my life this would be it.” Because it really is my story. I was so shut-down for so many years. I had lost my voice, my laughter, my dreams. I was a shell of a person. The jolt and trauma of my divorce forced me to confront my dead heart. It was fight for it or die and I wasn’t ready to die. So I fought. Hard. And what came out of that fight was a beautifully alive heart.

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