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I taught a lesson called “When a Heart Shuts-Down” one year at our VBS for Women event. After I taught it I said, “If I could only teach one lesson for the rest of my life this would be it.” Because it really is my story. I was so shut-down for so many years. I had lost my voice, my opinions, my dreams. I was a shell of a person. The jolt and trauma of my divorce forced me to confront my dead heart. It was fight for it or die. I wasn’t ready to die. And so I fought. Hard. And what came out of that fight was a beautifully alive heart.

There are so many faces of a shut-down heart. Some are performance, some are control, some are anger or fear or disappointment. And each one has reasons and ways that it got there. But they are sin. No matter how we want to name them, they are still sin. And with sin something always dies. So what does reclaiming your heart look like? Well, that is what we discover with practical stories and directives, this book is a powerful tool for Bible Studies, Life Groups or Book Clubs. I don’t say this about my books, but I know this book is life-changing. I know because it is how my life changed.

* This is the same content as the Feminine Cover of Reclaiming Your Heart.


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